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Furniture With Character for Your Home in Cheyenne, WY

Collaborate with our team for custom woodwork

Sometimes you just need someone who completely understands your vision and isn't afraid to tackle the challenge. When you collaborate with Red Bison Home, that's just who you're getting. Our team in Cheyenne, WY specializes in custom carpentry of all varieties. Whatever your unique vision is, you can count on our team to bring it to life.

Looking for someone who specializes in custom carpentry in Cheyenne, WY? Call 307-365-4665 now. All custom carpentry for residential purposes comes with a lifetime warranty!

How to care for custom hardwood items

All of our custom woodwork is made with premium quality wood. To keep your items in pristine condition, implement these best practices:

Don't clean your wood with harmful chemicals

Keep your items away from heating appliances

Leave glossing and restoring to the experts

Always use a coaster to prevent stains and imperfections

Keeping these helpful tips in mind will keep your custom woodwork fresh.

Visit our Gallery page to see examples of our custom pieces in Cheyenne, WY.